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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  September 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead at 7:000 hermine putting a damper on on millions of labor day plans asls she slowly makes her way out o to sea. how will we still see some of her effects today.s ay. >> breaking right now anotherght person hit by a car in the the district.district police still on the scenece s hours later andll o several roal in the area are closed.losed. we're live with the latest.ith t >> and a manhunt is under wayunr this morning after a lifeguardif says that she was abducted andd sexually assaulted while on w the job in northern virginia. v. >> let's go ahead and take a a live look outside on this monday september 5th.te happy labor day to all of youtol that are getting to celebrateela today.y. 7 o'clock is our time.urim we are at a very mild beautiful 65 degrees. i think we're going toee have perfect cookout weather for all of you all out there.of you we'll atalk out with tucker abo it in just a minute.inut we'll also talk traffic on t this holiday as well.alk ay ase. >> good morning, i'm allison mog se iymour. >> and i'm holly morris in for r steve today.eve today. first at 7:00 let's get you gety caught up on the very latest las on hermine.mi. right now it continues to move
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northward as it stalls over the north atlantic. atlti forecasters say it could hangca out there for sevstererals sa me days. >> the storm is packing windsds as high as 70 miles an hour. many beaches still closed and a tropical storm warnings remain i in effec so, the big question now, howow much longer will it hang han around? tucker is here witheit that. >> yeah, not so much locally. ml we just have a little cloude cl cover. probably felt the windst theds occasionally pick up for theickr last couple days.ple d that's all the effects. we're still on the fringe but little further east the cloudlo cover out at the beaches, beach,
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hurricane service.anervice we appreciate you joining usning this day. >> good morning. >> give us the latest update on whe there l thiest ungs stanh hermine and what we need to beeb concerned about now. >> anyone on the beaches from nyon the midatlantic states all thera way into netlw england youc s ss have a few more days of dangerous surf, rip currents, beach erosion, so it'surre still not safe to be going into theohe waters.ters. you got to pay attention toentin what the lifeguards are saying n even if the weather is better bt than you thought it would bean thou te ocean is still prettytty angry but we're still going to t have some bad weather in then t southern new england area,ew end still have tropical storm warnings in effect and all dayly today here on the southern coast of rhode island and cape a cod nantucket they're going to getna sntt tronthg wind gusts, 0 50 miles an hour at times andesa that's with the center ofter o hermine pretty far away. awa it's going to get closer, takesk a couple more days before it meanders -- the meanderingnderin stops finally and heads off to the northeast in a couple ofnoas days but couple moret in days oo bad weather southern newerw england.
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of out oget hermine out here over the next couple daysed but we're reaching the peak ofea hurricane season. what are you guys thinkingg over the next month or so? >> well, the hurricane season is only about halfcane over so w are ready to carry out our out o mission for another threeer thr months and plus if necessaryecsa of monitoring everything in the tropics. our feing in ive day tropical weather outlook that gives youiu a heads up on what could be be the next areas where a depression or storm could form and we can't guarantee thatee ta hermine is going to be thehe last one of the year so it's ats good time to revisit yourit hurricane plans in case the t next one is a bigger impact onn you than hermine was.. >> all right, dr. rick naaab naa with the national hurricane hura center. we appreciate it. >> thank you for helping us get the word out. >> it's interesting becauseng us here it was the most amazing -- it was really hard to think about that somewheremeh else it was just not great. >> yeah, and i mean, you know,
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honestly it worked a little ltl better than we thought butug that's a good thing. >> absolutely.el >> and as dr. knabb just j reported don't wander to let our guard down quite still going to be serious at the beaches. beaches rip currents are a a constant ct threat when you have these storm surge. surge the waters were wild and dangerous yesterday notterd not swimmable. >> the ocean is still angry. ary >> that stuck with me too. >> right.>> >> tucker thanks.>> tr t >> 7:04 is our time right now.. breaking overnight anotherer person hit by a car in our our region this time along newe york avenue in northeast.theast >> and that is where we find fox5's jennifer davis with jenda the latest now. jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. this is holiday traffinicg. whif is light out here but a big impact in northeastth washington.wa i'm going to step away so youy u can take a look. loo that dark vehicle right therehtt is the striking z you can see s a dent on the front hood.nt that car hit a pedestrian, a young woman this morning we
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was crossing new york avenue.cri now, theng driver remained atai the scene.e we don't see any sign of a driver at this point but the car has not moved since thisces happened.happ the young woman taken to a hospital.hoital no word at this point on her condition, but it is probablyro not so good when you look at lk the level of accident accident reconstruction we are seeing here a ng newre ycork avenue. a you are able to get into the city coming in westbound butounb eastbound lanes, the outbounde o lanes remain down at thisat this point and you can tell why.hy a lot of police activity over there investigators takfing photos and a lot of work still i to be done here. we don't have a lot of answersfe in terms of what led up to this. there is a nearby club, the aqua lounge on this block that was having an event last nightnn that let out early in the i t morning but there's lots of o businesses up and down this stretch and i just spoke with someone else walking in the alking area who said the lights ares ae really far away so it's notsot unusual to see people runningung across the s
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certainly can be difficult in the early morning hours. hrs we will have more for you asou a we learn it and for now for nowf the latest on traffic around a the region, let's toss it to erin.erin >> thank you very much er tifer. right now you can see behind ben me things on 50 moving along a just fine.just we don't have any problems headed outbound.aded outbound. we're going to continue to track that breaking news ink nort bheast.rert if you're headed to the bayay bridge right now traffic on 5050 very quiet very light. light. let's move over for a look att our maps right now.our ma we wilpsl show r you what elsete you're up against thisgainst morning. again i want to show you the t look at the scene where w jennifer is. red on the map headed outbound.outbou did i tore around that take rhode island avenue between west virginia and bladensburg. traffic on the westbound side into the district is movwestings along much lighter volume for this labor day commute.h laborc taking a look right now 295 now5 remains quiet. we're seeing that blip of red t on the map from the crash investigation new york avenue outbound but the beltway is quiet 270 northbound andd a southbound looking good.ound lkg metro did kick in for service sr this labor day morning at 7 a.m.
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holiday 7:00 to midnight.idnit. parking is free at the station. single tracking between track bt glenmont and silver spring. free shuttle service replacingcg rail service on the orange andta blue line betweenen stadium-armory as well as minnesota and benning road so s a lot of adjustments today for the labor day holiday and alsoho keep in mind safe track surge eight in place through september 11th.emr 11 franconia-springfield and van av dorn street just today for labor day those stations are shose s closed.ons. free shuttle service availableve from eisenhauer avenue andenue a then tomorrow things go back to normal with singlegl tracking. i like what i'm seeing as you wa maket m s your way into the district. if you have a early flighte eay looking good on the way to bwi b reagan national and dulles. dule back to you allison and holly. l
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police trying to determine what caused a deadly crashpo ilh district lights. light this happened early yesterdayrd morning along pennsylvania p avenue and park lands drive.s dv police say two people were killed and a third criticallycal hurt when a mustang and infiniti sedan slammed intoed i one another.nother police say they're looking at tl several factors such as speedpe and alcohol. neighbors say thiscoho intersection has causedinte problems inecti the past. >> i know going this way cars come pretty fast, you know, kno, going down that way. way so, yeah, they really need todo take they time and, you know, k, drive a little safer. ser >> people like to -- i guess i e they be like in a hurry or o something so they be driving dvg and >> police have not yete ve n released the names of the of t victims. >> and police in fairfax in fairf county are looking for this fori ford suv in connection with a deadly hit-and-run lastnd-run lt weekend. police say the driver hit a 76-year-old person and just j kept on going. yesterday investigatorsigat returned to the scene of the oft accident along north shore sho
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they were handing out fliers fli to drivers. drivers police are asking anyone who w may have seen anything to to please contact them.he >> another round of legal woeses could be facing former virginia governor bob mcdonnell.mcnn federal prosecutors arederarose seeking a retrial foror mcdonnell. this past june his conviction on public corruption chargesrg was overturned by the supremee e court.t. and legal analysts say anothernr conviction could once againe agn end up at the high court. crt prosecutors have until september 19th to decide if did they want to move forward. ♪ ♪ >> 7:09 right now.>> 7:09ight nw let's talk about the race forta the white house. labor day weekende white traditionally marks the home stretch of the presidential campaign. >> new polls show that donald trump is gaining ground on hillary clinton. the average real care politics t poll shows clinton holds four f points over trump, 46 to 42 percent. >> now that's down from thefromt eight-point lead that clintonnt held after the democraticrac convention.coen >> meanwhile new reaction toew donald trump's r immigration
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policy.po some are wondering if he is shifting hissome are plan to tt illegal immig the trump campaign has triedri to clarify the candidate's's position on immigration.raon republican vice presidentialdeil nominee mike pence says undocumented workers would bersb treated humanely but gave no details on how the gop nominee would deal with the millions currently living and working peacefully in the united states. >> we're he going to build a wall. the tgoing to enfor laws of this country he endtry d catch and release. relea we'll do all of the things thins that politicians in both both political parties have beenrt talking about for more than a generation. >> but one of trump's top one ou supporters former new york mayor rudy giuliani insists the candidate is backing away aa from mass deportation. giuliani said he would find ithe very difficult to believe a w president trump would deport ae family who has been here forer 15 years and have children who ooh are citizens. >> 7:10 right now.:1righ a once once in a lifetime sightt the sky. th spectacular look at nature's nas own light show just ahead. >> and later an
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crime at a northern virginia pool a lifeguard abducted andtea sexually assaulted on on the jo. 7:10. we're back after this. >> ♪ is
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>> ♪ >> looks kind of calm right there. should the sand be up on the boardwalk like
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know. >> l tk like that? [laughter]ter] >> probably not. >> that little bug is -- sand s fly is making his way across there.there. the beaches are all right nowigw but as we heard still choppyti c out there. if hermine ruined your laborur day weekends beach plans be be thankful you weren't cruising during the storm.ring t sto video from the deck of a royal caribbean cruise shiphip capturing the choppy waves andea rough seas.ea the ship recorded 90 knotd 90 k winds at the time.dst th is it knots? kts >> knots. >> that's what is reported. that would be over 100 miles an hour. th it's probably notat wld be o qui tean hou whar.t what it >> not those >> it's in the worst part ofin t the stormhe wor so --st p earlii summer i did a bit of a cruisefs to alaska and at one point the e winds got up to 8 miles ano 8 mi hour and the boat rocked justcks a little and i was calling all my relatives like this is it.e s >> i love you. >> it's over. [laughter][laughter] >> calling your girlfriend from the eighth grades. >> oh, ea
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>> i should have never cheatedhl d on n yevou with mary glue to e clear i only cheated on hern h after she cheated on me. m i didn't have a girlfriend inrii eighth grade. >> kids today have girlfriendsin in you think grade. >> they do everything earlier these days. >> not me.. lucky if they would talk to me senior year. >> holly -- holly this is what he does and then people will be like oh, poor tucker you you guys quit picking on him. him >> telling the truth.. 65 in washington this morning. we're off to a beautifulutif start. it's going to be upper 80's 80' today and then we're back intoan the 90's with a littleittl humidity building in later this week so for those of you -- >> summer is not over. one m got one more week of it.ek this might be might be it. not the case early this morning.rnin dulles and b:i in the 50's. 50'. cloud cover out in the beaches associated with our leftoversefs with hermine now an extraxt tropical storm.rm still winds of 70 though. we'll get some of that cloudhatu cover today.oday. otherwise kind of a partly party sunny to mostly sunnyy to mostly
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there's another look atk hermine. as irm mentioned it is now post so, won't get too technical onho that but it's still out therere spinning around still bringing n winds and high surf to therfo te beaches from southern new england down through the midatlantic over the next couple ofhe d dglandmidatlanti it's justt'just going to be kind of drifting here for the time being.going ti 88 today.od 90's are back tuesdayay wednesday thursday fridayesthurd saturday. i think we need to upgrade ourdr labor day icon there. there. i mean, that -- >> well, retro is in is i sometimes. >> that station wagon i literally had when my family. >> i saw one on the other day.ay tugged on the heart springs. spn everybody used to have them. >> i like it. keep it. >> okay.kay. >> retro is cool. >> hopefully there's not a lot of h cars on the roaopdseful rlw although i know it will bell b busier much later today. what does it look like erin. eri >> person struck by a consider accident investigation under ina wa
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jennifer davis gathering more information. eastbound side shut down.own. inbound side of the district dit moving along just fine on new york and we're not a sloeengin n delays.lays no typical morning volume. volum you can always take rhode take h island avenue to get aroundisndu that closure. as we forward our maps you canun see all the green on the map the except for that blip of red r e cause of the closure on new york.of on 295.good t clo problem free in bowie. maybe you're getting out of o o town after your labor dayboray weekend celebrations here in the district bwi looking goodkio on the way there and no and n problems on the way to reagano g national or dulles. dulle as we forward our maps you canun see 95, bw parkway quiet.. problem free in southernouthn maryland. i like what i'm seeing on fivefi inbound and 301 as well. no issues if accokeek.ccee threw upper marlboro on fourth traffic is quiet. we have aw up stall bpelor mckie shoulder.oulder 95 southbound this is through tr stafford but no delays, all lanes opened. o things looking really niceic maybe you're heading outngut towards richmond today.toward if you're heading towards thes e bay bridge maybe getting ae mayg last beach day in todaynoday
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50 on the way to deep creek cre 270 northbound looking good. goo happy birthday tucker #good #go day d.c. d.c. he's not wearing a tie today. ty he's not wearing a jacket today. it's a holiday not w aeandriac s birthday so he he doesn't have e to. he doee wish him a happy birthday. bir we're celebrating all morning mi long.lo we'll take a look at metroet allison and holiday.son and hold >> he can do just what he wha he wants today within limits.n lit. let's not get crazy. czy days away from her retirement a special honor for cathy lanier. >> 7:18 is our time right now.
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>> ♪ >> looking there at the podiumkt president obama expected toamteo speak later along with the chinese leader the podium set up with the american sealrican l there and this is a live looke l at the g20 summit. summi it officially kicked offff yesterday and leaders fromrs frm russia turkey and the unitedheni states meeting on theng on the sidelines to try to agree on ending the civil war in syria.yr president obama is also als scheduled to meet with russianan president vladimir putin today.y. >> in western north dakota dakoa authorities say nativeits sa americans environmentalistsntals protesting a pipeline projectje are using violent tactics.accs officials say the protestorstesr physically attacked private pria security officers hired by thedt company overseeing the project p and hundreds of protestorsrotesr rushed a group of construction workers.worker the pipe shrine slated to carry a halfe pipe s
7:22 am
of crude daily from north from dakota to illinois.s. >> tragic scene in texas. texas. a small plane crashed into ao a river killing both men on o board. bo police say the pilot and hisnd s friend were performing stunts saturday afternoon or the plane was flying low overowe the water before the engine engn stalled out in the middle ofiddl the stunt causing it to crash. h again right into that waterway.warw >> oklahoma residentsa resents continuing to clean up after a 5.6 earthquake hit the statehe a over the weekend. weeke it happened saturday morningy m and officials say one man wasas hurt when bricks fell on hison h head as he tried to protect his child. chi. the two were sitting on theirn t couch when it happened. reports indicate the quake could be felt from as far awayof as nebraska and all the way to texas. texas. natches opening light he show.peni the aurora borealisor illuminating the sky in northern finland this week. happened aboutnorthe 18 miles rr the arctic circle. c the northern lights are caused e by collisions between the eart
7:23 am
matter released byeous the sun's atmosphere. pretty impressive. >> uh-huh.>> uh-huh. >> one day i would like to see it. it. >> bucket list. >> northern lights.. >> bucket list. >> on there for sure. >> when i was a kid i was in canada like in -- well north nor of toronto. toronto it was incredible.ncredibl >> did you know what it was? dt like were you ready for it was? because it could be kind ofli w >> i wasn't expecting them butn' t an apectdult explained them te >> sure. >> very>> amazing. >> and your love for weather weh was born.wa b >> i know more about the gaseous particles colliding. [laughter][laugh >> 65 degrees this morning in washington.wa humidity 75 percent.ty 75 rcen winds ouster north. we're in for another nice not going to be quite as cools l te yesterday. we're going to be in the upper 80's this afternoon with quietet conditions. we're not expecting any raine p today but we'll get some cloud cover.r. that's the outer fringes ofnges hermine which continue toe t bring cloud cover to the beach b areas and along with it somet s gusty winds at times along the be
7:24 am
et cetera. we'll get some of that cloud cover rolling back into our region.olng b if you have outdreoorgi plans doing the barbecue picnic ic think we're in pretty good shape. parter to mostly sunny upper 80's. 80 here's a look at the seven day. today upper 80's. humidity starts to build back in and with it look hu s who is is back our friends the 90's. okay. moment of silence there.ok [laughter]ghter] our friends the 90's. >> yea. yea >> pool time. >> lots of sunshine.shine. well, don't the pools closelsloe today. i don't know. >> some of them stay opened a little later>> through thr september. just depends. >> they may want to stay opened for another week if >> they they have the m r wesourceeesk l lifeguards that kind of thing.hg as we're going need it.t. temperatures in the mid 90'sureh yy thursday and friday. thuda that's a weather upday.. i'm stalling for time hopingm st erin shows upng h fow is itit looking. >> i'm right here. beltway still quiet inner loopno and outer loop looking good. 7:24. we are problem free as you7:e au make your way out on 5050 heading to the bay bridge. bridg like what i'm seeing. s calm commute in the district
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let's take a look a our maps our maps right now and show you whatu wht else you're up against this morning.morn police activity person struck by alice activit car still under the eastbound side of nevew york avenue remains shut down dow between west virginia and the inbound tsbraffic into theie district is moving along just js fine. but if you're headed towardsow 295 this morning you'll want wan to hop onto rhode you can hook back onto new onto york avenue outbound around that location. locion. metro service kicked in atseic e 7:00 today. tod parking is free but they are a on an adjusted schedule. schul any questions lots of rail adjustments at erin fox5 d.c..c on twitter. we'll take a cloonser t lwiook o that next.t. back to you. >> ♪ >> 7:25 right now and anhtow a alexandria community waking upig on edge this morning after a lifeguard was abducted andnd sexually assaulted while on o the job.e >> right now police are searching for the suspect and a some fox5's anjali hemphill joinsoins us live with the latest and anjali when i heard about about this, it's especiallyll disturbing because the pool isol just such a place for fun times and he
7:26 am
doing her job if thesehese allegations are true. good morning. >> reporter: right, right, righg good morning, yeah, just very je chilling and you can seeilli any behind meou here these americana flags set up along the fencehe n of the pool for the labor day holiday and it was supposed to be a weekend of fun filled fille family friendly time here athe a the community pool butit but instead, neighbors of this ts community say they're shakeny'he up and even wary of coming c down to this pool after theirerr on duty lifeguard says she was held at gunpoint and then andhe raped in broad daylight. dayght. police say this assault happened aroundpoli say 2:00 say afternoon at hill wood condominium and townhome townh development community pool. this is of course over the labor day holiday weevekend when is eekend whe pools like this are usually arel packed with people but because of that cooler weather we had h that day no one else was around at the time and thishi 24-year-old victim was able to call meals after the assaulthe u where she said a man with ah a gun grabbed her pulled her pullh into a community room here her near the pool and raped herapedh and investigators have been h canvassing the neighborhood,bor,
7:27 am
video in the neighborhood and they are hoping since this is i a lamp neighborhood complexood someone saw something that could help. >> we have no tron believe that she knew then suspect atut this point. that's why it's so alarming.larn stranger sexual assaults are very, very rare in alexandriaxaa and so for one to happen ino hae the middle of the day is >> reporter: the suspect is i described as a white man in man his 30's tall thin with shortwit hair and dark eyes.ark eye police also believed he washeas wearing a gray hoodie lightgh colored jeans and a blue be baseball cap at the time of theba cap assault. assau if you know anything you'reou ko urged to call alexandriaria police. live from alexandria this li fromorning, anjali hemphill,x local news. >> 7:27 right now with just j weeks until the firstst presidential debateeb preparations are under way forrw both candidates.didates. >> but their ways of preparing arguably quite different. dif a closer look at the campaign trail next.
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♪ little more bright and sunny out there on this labor dayay monday. mo a cool 65 degrees.gree tucker and erin will be along ig five minutes with your latest in weather and traffic.nd tffic first, though, a check at 7:30:3 of your top stories. troll cap storm hermine continues to move>> northward as it stalls over the north atlantic packing winds as high as 70 miles an hour.atlantic pm
7:31 am
tropical storm warnings remainrm in effect.t. tucker again will have more on her path in just a few minutes.n it has been four days since 17-year-old kevin jackson wasacs shot and killed in last night, loved ones gathered to remember his him naevi yellvi hundreds tended and they triedri to say they want an end to gun violence.viol they pleaded for it in their neighborhood. jackson was a former student anacostia scene senior highh school.o he will be laid to rest onolt on friday. prince william county a mann under arrest accused of of abductioning three month old thn baby. baby police say russell walker took that infant from his mother at a motel in dumfries last week. wee he was found at a home in in woodbridge.wo walker knows the child's mothert but it's unclear what histis relationship to that baby boy holly? allison, we'll turn to thes race for the white house.ra labor day wce foreekendhe w tral marks the home stretch of the presidential campaign andign believe it or not we're just j three weeks away from the firstt president
7:32 am
donald trump is gaining ground n on hillary clinton.lint the average of real clear politic poll shows clinton holdl four-point lead over trump 46 to 42%. that is down from the42n fm the eight-point lead that clintonnt held after the democraticra so what can we expect from thefm candidates in the coming weeks?s joining us now, johnson swan s national political reporter witt the hill.e hi good to see you. see you. >> good to see you. >> all right.ood all it seems like we've been in thii game for so long, right? but really, a new game almost starts now, and it's perhaps tighterer than what we thought it was. >> yeah.h i think people in the media havv been portraying this as aiss a landslide election for the last month. very quick to make a judgment jn call when clinton bounced out oo the philadelphia convention.onvt the race is over.r. the question now is do the republicans lose the senate, do, they lose the house? but, you, know, if you look not just the t national polls the swing statete polls, trump is within margin on err flor just about every singls one of them. so we're now talking about a very clos
7:33 am
it's not being portrayed as thas if you list september to clinton partisans like david pluff who o used to work for president obam obama. he's saying she's guaranteed 343 electorate race.elec it's a tight race. r >> my parents were in town overw the weekend they're from ohio io was saying to them whateverm whe you've got to vote because yourr vote perhaps counts more than mn vote because ohio such a swing state. but how important is it and how much will the candidates play to getting out the early vote? ote because in the last election wew saw i think like 32% of the of people voted early and that wasw up from 2008.00 so i'm thinking we'll see it bee up even more this time. >> two sort of parts to thists story. one clinton has the realheea advantage here.age here. just because of organization.rgn anything that requires mechanics political mechanics and laganization hillary clinton hal the advantage. because frankly she's gotten'sot times the staff of donald trump. she's got, you know, probably pa three to four times the budget.d >> and maybe 10 times theimhe
7:34 am
>> yes. >> most of her adult live>> thii has been her job, right,ht, campaigning. >> that's exactly right. there's t>>hat telement of it d the second element of it will bl really interesting we're goingni to start to get picture of thest states in three weeks. ohio in october some of the s dates states are earlier thann that. we're going to start to get anen idea now of, you know, some real numbers.numbers >> also maybe perhaps being area going to be turning into theng debates more than ever. we're really gearing towardsg ts that. i read one thing that said 100 million people will bee wi e watching, 60 million for the for first time will really be paying attention.ntio toe so talk about the candidatee preparing for f t >> so the clinton campaign is from the people that i talked tt quiet sort of wary of donald odo trump. they know they've paid closeaidc attention what he did in the h d primaries and they know that hee can really thrsow k them offm o balance.bae so hillary clinton, you know, io a goodie bader. she's very detailed personle pen she'll be across the policies.he but the wild card things that tg
7:35 am
donald trump might do bringing up rape allegations against bilb clinton, you know, talking abouo women rhetoric versus what some of the history of with billl clinton and also potentially turning some of the things thata she stands very strongly on like she's, you know, sees herself as champion of african-americans. donald trump will probably bring up the fact in the cities in real trouble and a lot of them e are run by democrats.ruy d a lot of issues where trump iss very loose and very sort off flexible and improve vision al and we'll see him throw her offf balance. >> how are we going to see ther clinton camp prepare for the big october surprise? >> yeah. look, i just think they're nowhe in a stage where they know that the risks are high. h this is coming into a very tight period, and they know thatno something is going to drop. toro we don't know if -- the thingng they're worried about the dnc dc leak or another type of leak. l maybe got e-mails out of thef t clinton private server.err.
7:36 am
so a russian perhaps leak could be the big thing but reallyea they're just trying to keep trye their head down. d impress conferences despite lotl and lots of pressure because shs wants to grind it out to theit o finish line. line >> real quick particularly we ge how important is it for trauma m top solidify his stance ontanc immigration in his policy? pic >> i don't think it's actuallynt as media is ick maaing muchas i moo this than other people. peopl trump is sort of trying to playo both sides of this to someo s extent he put out a hard line tone. the media will keep asking himih about the 11 million and rightlr so. going tos gw what he's do with i.ith i listen to rudy guiliani. guian it's very clear that trump hasru backed away from his stance too dough port them all immediatelye he's not going to say that.t. trump never admits he's changeda his mind that's where they'rehee >> jonathan thank you for coming n hidayoliday. >> pleasure. >> get out and end? little bitt today. >> you too.. tucker, let's get another check on the holiday forecast. people look, looking forward toa that.. >> bout full this afternoon.sfto upper 80s daytime high.
7:37 am
pleasant morning. mning. 50s out there fur you're outsidr the beltway.the btway 56 dulles.. dew point temperatures in thetun 50's. reagan national 65 degrees.5 one of the coolest morningslesti we've had in sometime sometime.m little cloudiness off to ouro o east out towards the beaches 67s that's the outer edges of hermine which continue to spin s out in the atlantic and we'll aw get some of that cloud cover cer across the bay later today. tay so part toll mostly sunny, and upper 80s.. very good look at hermineermine spinning up there.spinning up it will be drifting for the next couple of days. that will continue to be athatl player for the near term.r t warm, dry, you got afternoon aeo plans outdoors, picnics, pini barbeques, walks, go for it. gor it will be warm.. 88 degrees this all right. seven day in just a moment.t. a loft 90s talk about it. i let's do traffic with erin. >> that's right, tucker, rightht now it is 7:37 as we take look at 270 wide open definitelydefiy feels like a labor day morning i commute from frederick all thedt way down to the spur traffic isi cruising at speeds re
7:38 am
volume northbound side maybe you're headed to deep creek forf the day with your family good g out there. i'll let you know if anything i we have a crash on the outer t r loop bottom side of the beltwayy in oxon hill.inn h it is out by saint barnabas roas after saint barnabas road beforr branch avenue again the right tt shoulder is blocked and volumeso light no major slow downswow required across the wilsoniln bridge. top side of the beltway 95 to5 georgia no typical morningg 50 inbound towards the bay t bridge cruising through anneghnn arundel no issues there. issuehe we are still dealing with dea wt closure in the district policetc activity blocking new york york avenue outbound. outund out by west virginia avenue.ave closer look at that next. nex keep it to fox5.t ox5 we got you covered this morning.
7:39 am
7:41 am
♪ at 7:41, we're back with aaw special honor set to take placee today at nats park before theyet take on the atlanta braves.s. d.c. police chief cathy lanier will deliver the game ball.ame b it's in honor of her nine plusiu years as the city's top cop andp of course her upcomingpcom retirement from the department.t chief lanier last day is says iy 16th. >> this sunday will be the sundi veepth anniversary of the thseptember 11th a attacks. a the smithsonian national museums of american history will host a special one day exhibit toxhib t commemorate.ate. that's happening sunday from 111 to 4:00 more than 35 artifacts f will be on display including thi one that you see there on your screen that is a flight attendant's logbook found amo
7:42 am
the wreckage of flight 93 that9t crashed in other artifacts include airplanl fragments and a clock from the pentagon.. rushing bk. >> hard to believe it's been 155 15 engineers. >> 77:42. imagine have to pick up 7 to piu 1 million pennies off the floore but would you do it if you could actually keep some of the money? >> yup. >> sure. my answer is yes. y it is a reality for the lincolnn restaurant in the district itt t originally took the eatery thre months to lay down the coins.nhc it. >> turns out that they don't actually make for the burestns t flooring so guess what, they'ret ripping them all up.riing >> okay.>> they'll be able to reclaim 30% of the cash and about $60 worthr will be imbedded in the new flooring. >> hmm.. >> rip it all up -- who broughto up that idea.. >> hash tag floor fail.ail. 7:42.7:42 nba star taking -- >> you can deface money like le that?that? >> it seems like, you know -- k >> it didn't work well. w nba star taking unexpectednc lead from the game. gam
7:43 am
up. >> on this unofficial end tol eo summer, what better time toime think about fall. kevin is back with some of his f fall movie bests or favorites. a preview really. back after this. ♪
7:44 am
7:45 am
warning. this commercial contains brief moments of product nudity. stripped of chocolate. its peanuts exposed around a soft caramel center. a payday bar will get you through your day. expose yourself to payday. ♪ >> all right. back now with check what's coming up today on good day d.c. unofficighttoial end of summer we're talking back to school and fall fashion. fhion >> i'm in tears holly it's not joyful for >> okay. >> because they're going back to b tol.>> >> but new clothes makes you cls happy.
7:46 am
>> turn that frown upside down. parents we'll help you make thaa transition from summertimeummeim living to the classroom easiests on the whole family.y i'm not sure exactly what that means. that's what we're going to >> you nailed that. you nailed a what better way to dealt.tey witness end of the summeres feeling good, right? our friend and fashion connoisseur tam lee will join us live in the loft t with this fall's hottest looks.o that does make me happy. >> you got to poop poop. (laughter).. >> it's the video that everyha parent can relate to local mom's hilarious potty training videogd going viral.g we'll chat with her to see how she came up with the idea ofdea what she thinks of this new ts e viral fame. >> aww. >> i hope she's bringing that>>t baby, too., t >> so cute.. >> so cute. potty training -- can i getg a amen when it's done.e. >> yeah. ugn is easier than i thought it was going to be.was g to >> really? rea >> yeah. >> maybe my kids were -- (laughter).(lgh
7:47 am
>> small moment in time. >> it can drag on is all i'm'm saying.sang. >> tucker?>> tker (laughter). >> some conversations i don't have lot to add to. some maybe that's what it have lott's >> here we got .it go. nice labor day gob absolutelyuty beautiful around here.ere. it's going to be warmer than yesterday.yest i mean we luck out this weekende we got the best of conditionsonn considering we have thisering v hurricane or post hurricane now. 65 now in washington. washing but look how pleasant it is leonardtown 59. quantico 60 degrees f you'reou west you're in the 50s and'r comfortable 50s with low dewow d points. manassas is 54 degrees.4 deees. 53 this morning in martinsburg.. 58 up in hagerstown. all right.l right storm tracker radar quiet, a loa of sunshine to get your day started we have cloud cover offf to our east along the beaches it won't perfect day down at thehe beaches. won't be a wash out but plenty n'of cloud cover sti all was dea with that on shore breeze and ad increased form surge. potential for rip currents. cret so not a perfect day down at the
7:48 am
beaches some of the cloud cover will sneak across the bay intoat our region later this afternoonn we are going to be kind ofki partly sunny this afternoon anda upper 80s we're right back inac the heat here for the middle ane end of the week.d there'sof bigger look at thehe leftovers of hermine.mine. really not left overs. 70 miles an hour winds pretty pe good rain shield there off to ot the west side of the it's now officially post pos tropical just kind of drift herf for the next couple of days. kind of and that willnd continue to kin of beat away at the beacheses unfortunately from southernn newth down to the mid atlanticec we'll continue to watch that here for the next fewweue days.y all right.ight. our story high pressure todayeod and we'll deliver another niceed one but look what'sel bivacerk r this week. going to be plenty of sunshine h this week hot and dry withry w temperatures in the 90's around here for the next severaltev afternoons after today. afterod so get ready for one more round of pretty good heat.t particularly by september by seb standards. 90 or better. i think thursday will be thehe hottest might be the mid 90s. >> what? >>
7:49 am
d microphone clip in the front.p t >> i don't know. i thought it looked .loo >> okay.>>y. no? >> fair enough. happy birthday.noppy b >> thank you. >> you can do whatever you want ou #gooddaydcdaydy wish tucker barnes a happyap birthday at tucker fox5.ox we'll celebrate with him on goon day d.c. 7:49. if you're headed out around the dmv it is definitely a labor day earlier crash on the outer loopo cleared after saint barnabas bna road traffic moving along justus no problems on 295, 395, 66 is 6 dream so if you're working thist labor day like we are, gettinget into the district shouldn't be problem except for this problemo we're dealing with in northeastt earlier this morning a few hours ago person hit by car taken to o the hospital but they're stilly' an active investigation underwar police activity closing allsi a eastbound lanes new york avenuee between west virginia anda a bladensburg. ukase detour around that. commute into into the district r on new york looking good.ood light by bladensburg.rg metro did gear for seven att 7:00. they'll be operating throughratg midnight
7:50 am
red line between silver springpr and glenmont.nmt all trains running six to 20 minutes.tes. 15 minutes on the silver line ln wheelly reston east to ballston. free shuttle service replacingg rail service on the orange andna blue line. any questions erin fox5 dc on twitter. metro bus operating on a sunday schedule. quiet headed outhe to the bay tb bridge. tell me about your beach plans.s back to you. >> nats capping off three game series in new york against n tht mets, and let's just say the say mets enjoyed some home field advantage.. they wouldn't, five-one takingot the series two games to one. >> nba star jrue holiday taking anadem definite leave in order to care for his wife diagnose dn with a brain tumor. she's eight months pregnant witw their first child.t chi. drew says doctors hope to induce lauren soon she can go undergoeo surgery.rg she retired from soccer
7:51 am
helping u.s. women's team winea god medals in two to us eight and 212.d12 wish them the best.mhe b >> that music means it's foxt's beat time.e good morning, kev., kev >> good morning, holly andorninl allison.allison >> i was trying to do that ashaa robotic as possible.ble. >> okay. >> >> yes, this has been an interesting year for movies so far. some will say it's been a dad ad year for movies.ovies. solid year for movie. >> lack luster year.erea >> fine. fall will be big and winter wile be huge as star wars i wanted te give my top five of the year brief alice and we'll move on tt my top five most anticipated films of the fall.all number one film of the year so far dead pool noso question.uest saw it six incredible film ryan reynolds.s. next movie sink street you mighm not have heard of this film fm about an irish band. b you can watch it on demand. you will fall in love with itovw y frdiately from the director ot the movie once.. beautiful film with great musics captain america civil war.ilar no question that film one of tht best action films i've seen thit
7:52 am
17 minute scene at the airport o will blow your mind.ll b m i watched it again this weekend. number four these next two filmi you might not have heard of yett midnight special is a sci-fi a i film modern day sci-fi starringn michael shannon trying toin t protect his son who may or may y not be from another planet. swiss army man best plot line l for film about a guy on a deserted island.sland he be friends a dead body who helps him get off the island. that's all i can say. say. the dead guy played by ---- >> weekend at bernies.. >> played by dana rad -- daniel ratcliff by harry potter.ter. >> that seems gross.s gro. >> swim army man --m arm man >> getting me to the movie mie theater. >> swiss arm 95 he can use him u in ways to -- like the dead body -- yeah, it's awesome.some >> it's very funny.un very very funny. >> moving on.n. fall movie preview of the year a the top five movies i'm lookingo forward to this yearear october 1st is the
7:53 am
train everyone is excitedited about,. abou >> loved that book. did you read it. >> i did not. itshould i read>> lov >> first. fir >> you can read it in two days.d >> very similar to gone girl. emily blunt stars her as well aa luke evans and the idea hyped hp the film you read the book she witnesses -- she see as girlsir disappear we think, right, she e wakes up she's bruised and she d becomes the main suspect in this case. se because now, again, she rides se this train to work every singlen day and passing by her old house where her ex-husband lives and u she sees thisbansd l new coupleu becomes obsessed with them andem them the new couple the girl inn that couple ends up disappeari disappearing. >> did you read the booing. >> did not read the book. no. it looks insane. >> read the it's great. >> do you have it at home or dia you it do a kindle kindle thing. >> i always read the real book.k i don't do kindle. i think i passed it on but i'lll check and see if i still have sv it. >> october 7th. dr. strange. this is -- wisdom is here he'deh be appreciate this.hi the big marvel fan.
7:54 am
>> super hero. h >> he turns into a sorceror supreme trying to protect the world. it looks like inception ince regards to the way the trailersa look with the buildings foldingi tem excited about that.i'm exci that opens up on november 4th.rh that will be a part of the mc. marvel cinematic universe the t same universe avengers andnd captain america exist.xi it looks cool i excited about t >> he's a great actor.. >> the guy who directed that movie known for for h he did exorcism emily rose and sinister. i'm interested to see what he does with a big -- what? emilyi rose, you saw it? s i >> no. big movies. fantastic beast is number three. this comes out november 16th.6t -- i'm sorry november 18th 1 only obviously in the harryn thr potter universe.tter for people who don't know what a this is, the idea behind this is jk rowling who wrote harry potter wrote this book under und sued nim which was the sued
7:55 am
in newt -- i can't pronounce pnn this name. name >> it's okay. >> eddie redmayne play that isth character and this is the guyd t who wrote the textbook that tt harry potter actually uses inin the first harry potter film.teil so he read it 70 years prior that comes out november 18th. eddie redmayne.yn next up in la-la land much thish look really good. this is damien she sell who directed whiplash.ash this is ryan gosselin plays pianist.anis and emma stone plays an aspirinn actor.acto it's a love story. it opens up december 16th it looks like -- going to beo musical.muca looks beautiful.utul finally star wars.finay s got to mention star wars roguear one this opens upone this o december 16th as well same dayae as will la land takes policee episode three and four of theou star wars franchise. between episode revenge of thef sith and the obviously new -- nw the plans to steal the death dth star. star. n> trolls wasn't on your list?sn
7:56 am
>> i want to see trolls.s. >> justin timberlake.e love him.. >> thanks for the him preview. i >> good morning, tuck. >> can we expect fast and furious 48.s >> fast and furious eight opens april 8th. >> i'm not going to the movies m until then.untihe 67 in humidity 73%.di 73%. winds out of the north at eightt it will be beautiful day autif y little on the warm side. se. upper 80s but with the sunshinen and the breeze out of the northn and low humidity, feels greateet out there. here are your current numbersrem and again looking at 67 now in washington.washin 59 in leonardtown very veryyery comfortable out there. little cloud ecoastmf the and some of this will kind ofl d spill across the bay in our in r region keep it dry and verynd vr pleasant around here later today. can't promise the same latersehs this week.ame 90s are back. i know. we thought they were done but td they're they'reth back.ack. but a lot of sunshine this weekk to look forward to. forwa t everybody is back to work andord school. real this time. >> all right.real roads.oaack with >> i am back witness roads andoa right now traffic is quiet.uiet look at 95.5. looks like a dream for this fori labor day feels like a sunday
7:57 am
morning so it is labor day. as you make your way fromay stafford up to the bottom of tht beltway you're wide open veryn v light volume if you're headed t work like we did this morningng traffic won't be a factor b slowing you down.ow southbound commute quiet making your way down to richmond.hmond. let's switch it over and show i was look at our maps.lookt o earlier crash on the outer loopp by saint barnabas cleared andard traffic is looking good except for police activity shuttinghutg down new york avenue eastbound s and northeast between west virginia and bladensburg. blansu you can take rhode island to geg around that that's your traffic. >> 7:57. we're at a pleasant 65 degrees.e a lot more to share with youh yu coming up in our 8:00 o'clock 8c hour. see you then. ♪
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>> this is fox5 news right now at 8:00, a live:0e look outside on this labor dayay monday morning. we'll have weather and traffic for you on the 5'sraff at 8:05.0 good i'm allison seymour.ur >> i'm maureen umeh.'m mauen u steve has the day off.ff. welcome to fox5 news >> let's get to the latest ont o hermine.he it continues to move northwardwd as it stalled over the north atlantic. forecasters say could hang out for several more days. >> the storm is packing winds aa high as 70 miles an hour. many beaches are still closedlod and tropical storm warningstormr remain in effect.ffect local news now happening n now. we are following a shockingng ag crime out of alexandria as police search foreman who
8:01 am
allegedly raped a lifeguard lifa while she was on duty.. >> it happened in broad daylig daylight. fox5's anjali hemphill joins youou live from alexandria with theh t latest.test. anjali. >> reporter: guys, it's a a chilling crime that happened over the holiday weekend in the middle of the day. it all at his neighborhoodoo community hill wood condo and ad townhome neighborhood off southu picket street and police are pol hoping since this is a large l neighborhood complex someonene here saw something that could help them track down thisn thi suspect. now police say this assaultault happened around 2:00 o'clocko'ck saturday afternoon, of course, s over the labor day holidayiday weekend when pools like this are usually packed with people.eopl. but unfortunately we that had h cooler weather on saturday, soyo no one else was around at theunt time of this assault. the 24-year-old lifeguard was on duty at the time. at th she was able to call policel pic after the is that so assault ass took place a man with a gun aun grabbed her up, pulled her intoi a community room here near the pool and raped her. her investigators have been outeenut here.. they've been canvassing the a
8:02 am
re looking at surveillance video vd and they need your though try tt track down this suspect. >> we have no reason to believee that she knew the suspect atct t this point. that's why it's so alarming. stranger sexual assaults areltse very very rare in alexandria.. and for one to happen in then middle of the day is alarming. >> reporter: suspect described s as a white man in his 30s, tall, thin, with short hair and dark eyes. police also believe he waselve h wearing a grayed when dee, lighg colored jeans an blue baseball cap at the time of this assaults if you have any information, you are urged to call alexandria police. in alexandria this morningning anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. ws. breaking overnight another bern hit by a car in our regionn this time along new york avenuee in northeast.theast. that's where we find ourur jennifer davis.. she's got the latest.. jenny, good morning. >> reporter: there have been a n number of pedestrians hit in our region in recent weeks.ks and this one has shut down
8:03 am
avenue. you can see that they are justtj now trying to clear theus car.a. the accident here happened abouo 4:00 a.m. according to metropolitan police.ic a woman was hit trying to crosso new york avenue. a she is now in critical conditioi at local hospital. hostal. on the the hood of the car you u can see major dent in the fronto that looks like perhaps a possible impact point. point. the vehicle as you can see dided stay on the scene. sne police were interviewing theg t driver although we don't see the driver at this point.nt the road though has been shut s down for the investigation since about 4am.. you're able to get into the city on new york avenue here but the outbound lanes have been closedd so we do expect they will clear shortly.ortl police have said this stretch of the road would remain shut downn until further notice.otice it is holiday, traffic a littlel bit lighter than normal. but certainly sad set of set o circumstances out here in northeast this mornircng.umstani back to you all.back >ce
8:04 am heads up for metro riders. r because of the labor day holiday all stations have just opened ae few minutes ago.. normally they open at 5:00 a.m. they're open now though.houg all stations will close at at midnight.ig trains and buses will run on a sunday schedule and there is no metro access service. ♪ 8:04 is our time on thishi monday morning.ning. tucker barnes, we cannot drummed up a better day. this weekend wasup a bet perfetm enjoying the nice coolerr temperatures.atures. >> he's feeling himself becausem it's his birthday. itis b jack.kven wearing a >> wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. >> i'm not waiinute, contractual obligated to be here until 8:050 >> people do not want the t weather until five after.r untie >> you are right, though., thoh. >> this is a good look for you.. >> you like it. you l it. >> i do actually. do auall >> well, it's what happened was i had seriowhusat h of wardrobe malfunctions including i couldn't find my tie i realizedd i back over it this morning. >> this share has like a but the gear that we have too wear m
8:05 am
so it's not very -- >> high booty. >> i don't enjoy high booty.oot. >> i ran over my tie this thi (laughter). >> oman i was told my jacket had so many wrinkles it was unwearr rabble.rabb. >> tragic.>> tgic. >> but this shirt has a bit off this on it. >> like a railroad thing. thing i'm trying hold it in here. her. i'm right there with wu >> it's your birthday and we appreciate you. appr >> yes, thank you.>> yes t >> we love you. we >> you do your >> okay. thank you -- i promise.rose now it's 8:05.5. >> i'll be better put together e by tomorrow.byomor >> reagan national sketch.keh. dulles 61.lles1. bwi march 65.arch 65. very very pleasant overnight.rnt back in the mid 50s. yes. early this morning loving. ling. i love this weekend's weather it was perfect. went outside a few times, you know what, the sun is not givinn me a full beat down right now. n >> it was nice.>> it wasice. >> wait a few days.>> w >> i could feela lfeike the win whipping up and i thought, oh,,o our beaches are in trouble but we faired pretty well. wl. >> we've done pretty well. there has been beach e
8:06 am
the parts of the mid atlantictli and jersey beaches, but cloudlo cover out there early this this morning. they'll be dealing with fringeh ctfects today. we'll get little cloudinessud associated with our left overs of our tropical system out the there. it's now extra tropical hermine and just be drifting a few morer days continue to talk about it t generally pleasant for us. warm, warmer than yesterdayeste upper 80s but dry, not a lot of humidity.humidity should feel pretty good. gd seven day has lots of 90's onsn it. we'll look at that in just at n moment.moment >> okay. e lieve it or not we've got ittraffic on thir s laborno day. erin you've been keeping your eye on that.eyon t >> quite a bit to talk about abt surprising for labor day.ab day lighter volume than usual. we've been celebrating tucker's birthday.birthday real party starts at 9:00 withth barbecue out there. there. if you're headed southbound, 959 lanes block at fairfax county parkway.parkwa dealing with a crash scene the there. police on locate keep it to thet left anticipate a typical southbound delay towardsards stafford this morning. morning. northbound side really quiety qu from stafford all the way up to
8:07 am
switch it over for a live camerm to a look at our maps.aps. police activity new york avenuee northeast still shut down on the outbound side between west wes virginia and bladensburg adens northeast a person hit by a carc several hours ago.go they're still reconstructioningt the scene and investigating try to take rhode island be preparee for delay 295 has been quiet from 50 all the way down past east capitol.l i like what i'm seeing ong o suitland parkway inbound.nbou. if you have to work today likeie we are, traffic overall muchuc quieter and allison and maureene told you metro kicked in for f service at 7:00. 70. still doing metro repairs asrs a they did over the weekend single tracking on the red line silverr spring to glenmont 15 minute mue trains are running wheelly welly reston east to ball ton on the silver. then free shuttle service available from eisenhower avenue on the blue line afroms e wisell franconia springfield and van doren closed.. tomorrow silver track surgeckur eight will continue.tinu keep that in mind heading
8:08 am
flight or trying to get to theoe jersey or delaware beaches. 95 northbound baltimore washington parkway northbound looking good and then as you make your way out in southerltn s maryland inbound traffic quiett. come on over here, tucker.ucker. come on over.. we got him a little earlyly pre-game birthday start.rt. things on 66 looking good.. birthday boy gets some cake.ak look at that.t. >> a viewer sent me card. car isn't that the sweetest thing ever. >> isn't that sweet.weet >> sweetest thing ever. tng e >> are those pietate fours.te fu >> i think they're hoe hoes.he e >> little vanilla cakes. >> oh. >> i will say we went to thee wt orioles game to celebrate withit tucker on saturday. >> enjoyed the pictures.tus >> he's party back to you to >> happy birthday. birth. >> party animal? >> all >> happy birthday, tuck.. let's talk about tropical storm hermine stole a key letter from a virginia beach restaurant ut-oh.-oh. landlord or con man? rental rta scams on the rise in the state e of maryland.aryld.
8:09 am
playing on renters home buyers, too, straight ahead.
8:10 am
♪ 8:10. happening today, president barack obama joining leaders barack obama j largest economies in his final g20in meeting in the summit officially kicked off yesterday.yest meanwhile leaders from russia, turkey, and u.s. are meeting ong the side lines trying to agree a on ending the
8:11 am
trying to fine out how to do h t that. president obama is also scheduled to meet withpres russn president vladimir putin today.y >> and take a look at this. imagine spend your vacation liko this. video from the deck of a royalya caribbean crews ship caught in hermine. you can see the choppy waves and rough passengers say it all happened d in the blink of an >> it's early morning when thenn ship started swaying a bit here. i think it got up to 90 knot90no winds. >> wow.. tropical storm hermine stole a virginia beach restaurant lettet changing the message of the thee business. take a look. of ta whyke not italian restaurant atlantic avenue lost the y after hermine strong winds swept in restaurant sign now reads not italian.. >> they'll have to fix that reaa quick. ck real quick. yeah. coming up, is a game over? colin copper nick's refusal toet stand for the national anthem ae has one group ready to boycott b cot 49ers
8:12 am
>> hear how the qb social active i is paying off big in another area.. his bank account.ccount. wisdom has the story. has t sto that's next. the extra crispy colonel. my extra crispy, twenty dollar fill-up feeds a family of four. it's crunchy! juicy! and oh so tasty. kfc. it's extra crispy good. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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yo...don't let sinus symptomsnd bring you down now.. get fast sinus relief with vicks sinex and get back in the game. sinex, the congestion, pressure, pain to clear your head... ...medicine. ♪ oh, yeah. 8:14. it does feel good. regular 8:00 o'clock song.ock s. >> no. >> every now and then they playp it because we love it so much.h. >> we do love it. i despite the fact the sand hasd s over taken the boardwalk i stils like that scene. thace
8:15 am
>> i'm still chilling out.g out. hanging out this summer withr wt everything i got.ot >> and tuck is joining us here. >> doing some shout outs first.t >> i'll do them in a minute.e. we got to do my first five.iv it will be a nice week at thek t beach. >> oh good. >> another 24 hours. >> all right. >> we're talking to the mayor of ocean city in just we'll get his insight intoht int what's going on down there. >> tell him safe me somee popcorn.poor >> right. >> love it.>>ight.ov let's do our favorite time of day.t' day fox5 first five. fiv look at this little person. >> santana, everybody.verybody. >> hey, >> everybody. this is five-year-old santana. he tunes into fox5 every singlel morning i hope he's watching right now with his mommy whilele eating breakfast and getting geg ready for school.l >> he's sleeping in sincece there's no school >> cno onsidering he's on tv mig want to be watching right now. w >> we hope you are. >> little handsome guy. >> santana, you are so cute. >> otherwise i hope -- hope >> he's standing by his littleie locke
8:16 am
>> oh, yeah. oh, y. >> my goodness. i remember like the first two to weeks every year i couldn'tldn't remember my combination.bition >> remember that? >> tugging on it for like 20 minutes. >> i know. >> you find out -- out >> do they even have those anyny more. more. >> i don't think so. think s >> i don't think so either. >> they don't? >> you don't buy any lockers any more. more i don't know.w >> oh really? >> what do i know i just have hv three kids in school. soo >> you should know.>> y sho you don't buy the locks any mo more. >> you don't buy the locks any more. i do know that. any that >> any way. >> santana, have a super day. dy >> we love the picture.icture. thank you for watching. watch to send us your child's picturee go to fox5 d.c., zen it on in in and if there's cute assan tan ii a they'll be on the air soon. >> yes. >> all right.ight hey, we are looking very very comfortable overnightg a lot of 50s off to the north nh and west.and wes. we've now -- scene the sun up u for couple of hours bouncing upn a little 63 comfortable degrees ineges i gaithersburg.gaitrsbu 55 in manassas. leonardtown hanging ton 59. only 68 in
8:17 am
we are 65 early this morning iog was ran gay national. great start to all right day.wag we saw the livehtay shot of ocea city.ty cloud cover down there still sll some high surf and the potential for rip currents.res. so not quiet out of the woodsds yet as far as hermine'sermi leftovers are concerned.oncerne. we'll get some of that cloudsomt cover into our region lateregn t today. not perfectly sunny but kind of part toll mostly sunny warmer we than yesterday.than y high temperatures in the upperes 80s there's hermine. it's gone post tropical. that's like when you have ae girlfriend and she's like -- you know.know post your girl friend but stillb kind of in your life.ou >> you can't let her go.o. >> that's kind of what's going on there tt'.s ki winds 70 miles an an movement off to the north thevee three.ntff t and the pressure is 997 millibars.miar it's going to just kind of drifr here for few days. day continue to call and text. >> right. right. >> and then finally one day -- - >> one day you don't hear fromrm her any more. more. >> exactly. >> you wonder what happened. >> that's exactly what we're looking forward to. .>ardo >> picture pops up somewhere else with some other . >> there's your seven day therest. temperaturein
8:18 am
here later this week.hiseek. lots of 90s to look forward to.t >> all right.. >> okay. >> you don't want to -- >> i'll do it next. i'll do it's really thoughtful.htful. it's my birthday and they sentyn me birthday card.ard >> very nice. >> aww.. >> great viewers. >> did you get a birthday card r for him?thdayfo him >> no.>> n >> erin g morning. >> we have a party for >> oh, we have party. >> we've got >> barbecue truck. it will be exciting.becu excit >> awesome.>> awesome. >> right now as you make yourouk way out around the area quiteree labor day but a few problems. right lane blocked 95 southbound at fairfax county parkway.. looks like things moved over too the right shoulder traffic traff moving bter. northbound side quiet. q so if you have to work like weiw did this labor day monday mda morning we're in good shape. she we do have problem in thenhe district police activityctiv blocking a portion of new york k avenue.avenue few hours ago person was hit byy car new york avenue outbound o remains shut down fors shutown investigation.atio between west virginia and and bladensburg northeast.adensburg now jenny davis has n been outn there all morning, volume ises light..
8:19 am
york avenue moving along bettere than it should be. 295 quiet and we're not seeing any problems on the freeway by the third street taking a look at your morning mg commute. if you're headed towards bwi for flight or south jersey beacheses or delaware knife baltimorealti shinington parkway quiet. 66 through centreville also atra dream right now. back to you dr guys. guy >> all right, erin, thank you.. headlines in the final two e week of the nfl preseason have v been dominated by colin kaepernick the 49ers back up quarterback has refused to stana for the national anthem to protest racial inositis.. >> other sports stars arers joining in kaepernick's pre-game pro testify has one group readyy to boycott 49ers games wisdom joins us with that storyo wis. >> reporter: good morning to ro both. talk bout san francisco fra police department because they've asked thatpoli d colepil kaepernick apologize for hisor comments and now santa clara police officers are threateningn a boycott of kaepernick'srnick's decision to speak out against aa racial injustice and policee brutality as well as direct critical words at officerscers
8:20 am
it has the santa clara police union sayingsare officers might stop working 49ers home games. now will elder penned by union members to the 49ers stated that if the organization does nots n take action against kaepernick,k it could result in policeic officers choosing not to work aa your facilities.s. santa clara police departmentarn michael sellers called for hisdh officers to put the community's safety above potential boycottst cap mr. nick's mission to bringi attention to injustice in i america is crossing over into the soccer arena. u.s. soccer stoury meghan kneltt during the national anthem before the seattle rains two-twt tie with the chicago red stars s in the national women's soccer league.ague rap pa know who played rio olympics and helped bring the ue victory at the world cup last l year told reporters that her move was very intentional.tional she said that being a gay american i know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all of your liberties.. >> w
8:21 am
this issue not only for us and for the inequality we face but just a paradigm shift for women. >> she went on to say she feelse it's important to have whitee wi people stand in support ofrt of people of color on thishis particular issue.icar i she says the plans to continueou her silence she plans tons to continue her silent protestsro along with camper nick in hopes of sparking mean full conversation around it.convsati there you have it. have it's interesting that the police union -- the police unione union members some of them are tryingn to get the 49ers to do something when legally under their the agreement technically they can'e do anything to kaepernick even n when he doesn't stand. sta >> um-hmm. >> if they were going to do something, they would have cut him thin thehim. so it will be interesting to ses what happens next to this wholee thing. >> i find it trouble anyone ine the police union they're swornwo to protect and serve they would take the position based on onee man's conviction -- it's disturbing. where have we come to a group of
8:22 am
people can make this >> keep in mind this is thehe leader of the union -- union- un leadership. they probably would have to tak a vote or somethinghave to o tni it wouldn't be a wide sweepingsi heing with the policeg th t department. it would be, you know, they would have vote leadershiitp wou call for vote and thaw kind of o stuff. >> even for them even calling cg for it. >> absolutely.olut. >> okay. thanks. thanks. thanks, wis. >> colin cap per nec>>k thmaanya longer a starting quarterbackrtk but his social active i grown g his fan base. 49ers qb is not a team top selling jersey jumping from 20 toth first. the tim highest jersey in the te entire league that is accordingi to >> for the cap fans that don't't refer a jersey there are these e shirts making the rounds.ounds. it reads nah colin kaepernick, 2016 you you can fine the shirtt on feel good t's.'s runs you $18. $ >> all righty. rigy. coming up labor day by the t numbers.mb a surprising discovery about americans working habits. workig we'll have it next.l have it ne.
8:23 am
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8:25 is our time on this monday ♪ morning.e onhi morn>> yes. i want to give a shout a. >> let's do it. >> this is -- it's my birthdayyh he sent me birthday card here tr the station.tati. super sweet.ret he knows about my love for alloa things flute.ings flute. >> flute jam. >> flute jam related.>> fatd. he sent me a picture.. >> that's so funny.ny. >> one of those a magic flute.l. >> two of those are pan flutes.e the most magical. >> let's do the weather. weath >> that's so nice.>> that' are you going to say thes name. >> kirk.>> k i'm sorry. sor >> kirk wilson and family.ily >> thank you so much for sending me a card. car i love it.i ve it. >> thank you i'm getting lots ot people on twitter and facebook. >> kirk wilson from princeince george's county.y >> he's a friend of the show. >> hey, >> that's awesome.s asome. love it. love >> me too.oo. >> i actually got it i'm even'me more amazed.. >> we're going to be in then be upper 80s today.upper 8. lots of sunshine.. cloud cover.dov you can see that kind of hanging there along the coast.oast
8:27 am
fringes of hermine.. and some of that cloud cover c will get across the bay into our region as well but we should be dry if you got outdoor plans pls later today, barbecue whateverha you may be doing for fun.un for your holiday enjoy the day y off. this is a good holiday because,u you know, it's not too heavy in any direct.ect you can just real lax. l >> fall is coming i >> thanks tuck.. >> 88 today.ay. >> hi, erin. hi,rin g good morning.>> well it is labor day.t is so we'll start you off with a oh happy birthday tucker map m because why not? you got your r you're feeling special. speci got your sleeves rolled up. hash tag good day tweet tucker a birthday wish as well. well. in northeast person hit by a a crash this crash scene under u investigation new york avenuew y eastbound remains shut down shun between west virginia and and bladensburg. take rhode island to get aroundd that. inbound new york looking good ir labor day commute inrk com addition to the add justedon tte schedule for labor dayor dy additional orange and blue linel delays because of earlier signaa problem outside stadium armory.r we got you cover. cov any questions at erin fox5 d.c..
8:28 am
>> up next the layer test op tropical storm hermine and the t impact she's having for for businesses and tourists in oceae city. we're talking to the mayor next. >> apparently gender bias isared alive and real when it comes tot named storms. s it could actually play a role re how big of an impact the storm have. have why experts say storms with female names end up beagled deadlier than those with mailil names. yeah, we'll talk about this after the break.
8:29 am
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that's pretty. >> okay.. >> it always starts pretty untit it goes south. sth. >> happy birthday, babe,y, be, >> 35 years old. fantastic.asti and i hear she has been hangingg out with the obamas celebrate cb herring birthday. >> is that right?rrinthat right >> her and blue ivy.?nd blu i >> hvyere in d.c. >> she might be watching. wing. >> good morning beyonce'.ce. >> hello.>> hello we like you.e you >> got a spot for you on the couch at good day dc if you wann to join >> we have back door you canyo come in. come i nobody these >> that's how we do here.we doe. >> beautiful scene. unfortunately not everyone isoni enjoying those latest type of hermine threatening to regain hurricane force today as it hits coastal new england with high winds and storm surging.. packing 70 miles an hour as it i slams into atlantic beaches buto the threat of h aeatlvyantic ras to have subsided in thehe northeast beaches.t beaches they do remain closed to swimmers areas including newding york city. tropical storm watches in placela throughout northeast. northeast lots of cleaning up and drying n
8:32 am
streets along the coast are are still flooded particularly inlal areas around norfolk. home phones are concerned aboutb additional flooding during highr tides. virginias has not reported any serious injuries because of theu storm. two deaths in florida are beingb blamed on hermine.. >> meanwhile, as the storm spino out into the ocean, residentsen are starting to assess thes the damage. business owners in ocean cityoct spent the weekend stocking up on sand bags and moving inventory v out of the way.of theay many frustrated the storm highjacking the last unofficiall weekend of the tourist seasonso and here's live look now at boardwalk in ocean city. cit i mean it looks pretty calm. pretty good. telltale sign that sand up there on the boardwalk a little bit.. tourists saw sunny skieses yesterday and calmer conditionsn officials are warning thoughh about strong rip currents and continued tidal flooding.lood the beaches are open today butut swimming is prohibited, and public works employees have been working to clear that sand offdf the boardwalk.e boardwalk >> all right. joining us this morning over the phone is ocean city mayor rick,
8:33 am
you as usual for joining uss especially on this holiday.ol. >> good morning.. >> so we're looking at live pictures of the boardwalk there is activity so it'slk not as ifi it's been a wash so to speak.. >> no, it hasn't really at all. and yesterday the boardwalk wasw very busy. i was up there into last night.t people were out and about, you know, still experience somethini breezy conditions but the rain n had stopped, and amazing all ofl a sudden everybody just showedwe up they were out and about in ai ocean city it turned out to bee pretty good day.ay. >> we heard earlier from an expert who said the seas are are still angry. so you can't swim today.od. what else can folks do when do they're there, though? >> you're right.ig. public safety is our number onee concern. there's no swimming on the beach ing o but the boardwalk isn the g boib open today. tod. obviously it's already startedea you see the people starting to ride bikes and gather up there.e they'll be a lot of people oneon the boardwalk.erdwalk. they'll be a lot of people at the amusement parks at the at
8:34 am
golf facilities and all the the other things that people come down here to enjoy as well asl a just going to the beach. it's going to be busy day in dai ocean city.ocean c those that are here enjoy themselves. >> even though it's unofficial end of summer that we're>> e han today, ocean city is going to bb open for business for many, a m, few more weeks any way. >> absolutely. it's a tradition that they sayhe the end of summer but we justt continue going right on throughh september and into october witht a lot of different special sal events. the weather is really the besthl this time oyf year.f yr. the ocean is the warmest.. so even those that didn't makeak it down this weekend i'm suree we'll see them the next fewext w weeks. >> how is business this summer, mayoess r?is sr >> overall, we had great summerr the beginning of the summer thet weather was little wet. once july 4th came i really real the sun just came it and itnd i stayed out and i think we've had really good summer and except for this hiccup this weekend wke we'll have great fall season ass well
8:35 am
>> all right. mayor rick meehan ocean cityy maryland looking good out theret i see people with light jacketsk on so i think it's a cool startl to the morning but, hey, you heo can't complain. it's still beautiful out c ther. >> that's right. a little cool but the t temperatures will go up the rest of the week looksmperatur greest so come on down enjoy ocean ci city. >> we will sooner than later.>>w thank you very much. day.ayoy the rest ofe ywioullt >> thank you. >> he's got the best job.e's go >> he does. the he >> my goodness. okay. all righty.. well new study speaking off storms suggests that hurricanese named after women are not takent as seriously as storms named after men.r m having deadly results. researchers examined the death rates from us hurricanescher fr9 fief 50 to 122012 conducted their own development gaugement people's reactions to hypothetical male and femalepoic hurricanes. the study suggests storms namedd after women have much higher hhe death toll because people don'tn prepare as thoroughly as they might if storm was named forem
8:36 am
not everyone agrees. other reseat rcheevrs say the da toll pattern is like al statistical fluke and not based on real science.ence tucker is here.tu what do you >> i'm going with number two.o t it wasn't even -- males weren'tn even the names weren't even usee until the late 1970's.. there's 27 years of just female names.s. >> why is that? >> a storm is a angry >> back in the day the hurricane center started storms afterft women more than one storm at sea at the same time and the the maritime interest the shippinghp was getting confused. confu they sure what storm they werete talking about they started giving them names.lkinnghem >> i'm going to answer for you.. just like how ships are named after women they used to be.d b >> i think traditionally yeah. sort of weiss send up maybe weaw should all have names. >> inn clue seive have the is ce always a good thing. >> anger notice no gender. genr. >> right. >> right.. >> yeah. >> look at that. >> sorry. (laughter). >> i lik
8:37 am
somebody thought it was funnyun angry woman.y woman >> you don't have to weigh >> we need to take all thell storms serious many. many. >> that's the the current one hermine anda it will continue to bring cloudo cover and winds to the beaches.s 67 now in washington.hin 67 in new york city. cit look at binghamton, 57 degrees.e very very pleasant the real rea theme is the wonderful weekended we had weather wise around hereh with cooler temperatures.ratu that cloud cover off to our eass is some of the cloud cover associated with the outer bandss of hermine and again bringingg clouds and winds continue to the beaches. some of that cloud cover will get into our region.that cloud. however, we will be nice and dra this afternoon. so all systems go for fun afternoon.afoo 18 holes allison.on. you and mark like to get out and play.ay >> i find golf super frustratedd and i have not played in years.. >> the last time i played we played one hole of miniatureure golf. >> you got hole in one. >> that was mazing.>> you g >> thank you for appreciating>> that. was maz you fpprethat. >> 88 today.ay breezy conditions continue withi storm system
8:38 am
more on hermine and we do have v lot of 90's in the forecast fors coming up.ngp. let me mention i love the mayory of ocean city. city >> yeah. y >> after my sea foam incidentm several years ago, he banned mee from the city for a few years unofficially.fici >> unofficially. >> now you're back. >> now he's let me come back.etb >> awesome.wesome. >> all >> waiting it out. itut >> thanks tuck. this morning the fbi sending ouo a warning to maryland residentss by real estate scams that hast h duped several residents already. what you need to look out forrak that's coming up f next. nex >> that makes me so mad. >> you know who tear targetingrt probably. >> the elderly. the eerly los angeles billboard has one ho hollywood star taking legalin action using a model she says looks just like her.. >> i thought it was her. iwas h >> who is she? >> kylie jenner. >> back in a moment.
8:39 am
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th power. that's why she trusts tide pods. she knows small can be powerful. tide. number one rated. >> ♪ >> welcome back. 8:41. nice look at the white house. his la41bo.rlabone on t day.da >> beautiful. every once in while you have>> o pause and remember we live ine such a beautiful cit wy.ul c with all the monuments andts a historical building. >> look at the trees all around. gorgeous.eo >> okay. enjoy the day. o it will be spectacular.. bringing up to date on newsn this morng. fbi says real estate scams arese increasing nationwide andin baltimore county is one ofay ioe places that is on the rise thehe most. baltimore sun reported on thelt increaseime yessun terrday.ter. they say a woman bought aought foreclosed home back in june. jn soon learned a mother of two was already living there. there turns out the mother was thehe w victim avenue s someone claimeto
8:42 am
and rented the place to her for $1,500. last year more than 200 maryland errs ripped off at a total cost $650,000.$650 new billboard has prompted p kylie jenner to consult lawyersl after the company behind it useu a model in her likeness toess promote their services. i don't understand. i you don't see it. >> the likes just like h .. >> look real >> okay. >> the reality star reportedlyol believes the advertising advertg campaign for a weight loss los procedure that promises to to freeze your fat is willingil physical deceiving potentialvini clients into thinking shehe endorses the behind it.t. tmz reported that kardashianarsh jenner family members have since alerted their legal team tonedee this new campaign. controversial founder ofundf super rap group nwa has died. jerry heller originally manageya the group during its heyday.ey he is believed to have diedied following a car accident in haven't occur rah, califor
8:43 am
the negative portrayal of hellee straight out at a compton killed him.m he was upset and heart broken bb the movie. he filed a defamation late for his portrayal in that film.hat he was 75 years old. pesto problem parents are a facing when kids head back to school.hool i hate to even say the word word because i'll be itching. lies. lies >> hear why doctors say youoctou should not panic.. common myths about the lies --i about lies i should say, not the lies. li dee dunked.un we have details next about the lies. i can talk. ♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that.
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>> 8:45 on this monday morning. ive ok a live look at theon tngl capitol dome.pito dom gorgeous day.ay. 67 nice cool oh, my goodness. your forecast coming up in just 10 seconds. >> good morning. welcome back. nice labor day to look forward to. very pleasant conditions out early. 50snight lows back in the very 5 and we'll warm it to the mid tod upper 80 no rain in sightt generally sunny conditions outso there at least to start yourstat day. clouds later. i'll show you 67 now in washill snghoton. very pleasant overnight.. 65 few hours 63 now in leonardtown.rdwn 50s in leonardtown this morningn everybody west of the city whent i got to work early this morninm was in the 50s. what a knight nice start with low dew points and lownigh humid 57 in frederick
8:47 am
61 dulles, manassas 61 degrees.e 64 this morning in culpeper. storm tracker radar it's tracking quiet conditions youyo can see we've got clear skiesari right up and down the 95 the5 corridor. co beautiful day if you're in the' mountains for labor day.. looks fantastic.tast 95 corridor looking good.oo the beaches at least it's not is raining we do have cloud coveror and still breezy if not windy wy conditions down there increased storm surge associat associateds what's left of hermine.eft o hei notice the cloud cover getting close to the bay. we will be dealing with periods of clouds aroundclosealing p hee to time later this afternoon. but that's really the worst of e ore forecast.orstth f there's hermine. maximum winds still 70 miles ane hour. still pretty formidable bringing rain to parts of cape f madd cod and islands. isl that's about it.thatbout otherwise big story just a continued winds that will, um, bring storm surge and beach erosion to parts of the southerr new england and the mid atlant atlantic. all right. .fficially post tropical now mentioned the winds at 70 miles
8:48 am
that's what happens when theyppn get up into the mid latitudes ld they start to lose theirheir tropical characteristics. pressure 997 millibars. it's kind of drift here for thee next couple of days and so we'll continue to be a story here for the beaches for the near term.rt our weather it's all about nicec conditions today. butco look what'sk wha on the horizon lots and lots ofo 90's as we'll have yet anotherno round of heat or the middle ande end of the week our daytime highs could be well into the 909 around here by thursday andan friday. mid 90s get ready for that. tha as we'll have hot conditions one more week.more week. all right.l rht erin is back with roads. >> were birthday party weather h tucker barnes. tu yes it is. >> that's exactly what it we're' doing tell broughting tucker t birthday on good day coming up. >> 50 inbound and outbound by0 the beltway we are flowlylowly freeway out to the bay bridge. i enjoy the labor day holiday inoy ocean city, maryland, traffic t looking good there. the. problem free on 95 northbound no towards bwi.wi or you're making your way to the delaware or jersey
8:49 am
look at our maps quiet labor day commute on our majors. 295, 395 and the beltway lookino good as you make your way out in the district new york avenueorkn outbound remains shut down dow between west virginia and bladensburg that'sha reconstruction of an accidentact scene. person hit by a car severaleverl hours ago.s a inbound side looking good withit very light volume right now.. 270 it's been a dream allam morning long from frederick dowk to the spur.tohe s maybe you're headed to deepo d creek to spend the labor day day holiday northbound side flowingn and problem free on the way to t reagan national and dulles.uls in southern maryland it's beense delay free on branch of arancofa inbound and charles county on cy 301 and calvert looking good.ngg same story as you make your wayr out on the north side of theidee beltway through beltsville andld bowie and then as you make youry way out in northern marylandaryd problem free 270 southboundouthn there and take look at this. ts morning commute in stafford s looking good. we are wide open.lookwe wide maybe you're heading down to opo richmond 95 southbound flowing.o same story on the way to theo beltway. we do have adjustments for metrm any questions at erin fox5 onn twitter.te back to you allison..
8:50 am
dr. shilpi and i are over o here arguing. in today's health watch a new school year can mean unwelcomede visitors in your home. h kids may pass head lies to oneo another. before you panic it doesn't meaa your child has pour hygiene orge needs to be his or her headd shaved.. dr. shilpi agalwar joins to us talk about oh, too familiaramila problem somebody common sense s ways to treat lies. she also separates myths fromro facts. fa this is long intro.thlong how are you.e you. >> good. how are you. >> she's a physician board certified in family medicineoodn now it's your turn. t happy labor day thanks for beinb here with us today.oday. >> good no problem. probl kids back to so common, right.. everyone has --- >> they get lice or knownor k somebody that has lies. h lie >> up to 12 million kids will w get diagnosed with some type of lice infestation.
8:51 am
cleanliness of your child.hi if we can take away the stigma -- >> that's big deal. children feel bad.dren fl b very important to remember too e stress to your kids even at thet school level, when do you have h lice it doesn't have to do with hygiene and lice in fact likeack clean hair. they don't like dirty hair.ty that's where they survive.. >> just let's start at theet's a beginning. exactly what are lies? >> lies are small little insects that can infect our heads and hs they're transmitted through us to different children head tohie head contact. conta >> okay. >> it's actually not as easy too get as you think. there's a big ming anyone in tht same room kids are going to getg it actually really need thateeda direct head to head contact.onct >> that could also mean i have a cap on.cap on. let me try this cap on or ar jacket let me put it on. >> that's what we discourage.. sharing of hair brushes, hats,,t caps, to help to stop that tt spread. spre but the reality is,ad even more than the schools it's actually a the home where the contact iss spreading more quickly.uily >> so the best way to actuallyuy treat it is to d
8:52 am
counter products.roct now there was some question ofin resistance but if you look atoo what the american academy ofacaf pediatrics is saying now, theire position on this you try the t over the counter medications and you do one treatment of it,t, leave it after shampooing for 10 minutes.te and then rinse it out. it o one mistake that parents make as lot of times they use conditioning shampoos ors o conditioners. that actually makes the licee products not work. w it's very >> follow the directions. >> follow the directions. leave it or for 10>> follo>> f a then rinse it now the other important thing to remember is nine days later youu want to repeat that process pro again to get rid of all thosehoe residual eggs and life lies. after that, your child should be free of lice and if not, thenot you go and see your pediatriciaa to get some of this more m prescription stuff. >> what about the linens? theit teddy bears? the all of that, the couch? what do we do.e >> best way you don't needed tot anything crazy or over kill.. your hair brushes drop them inbr
8:53 am
little bit of alcohol and soakol them overnight. overn all of your clothes that the tht child has come into contact witt those are things you'll launderd at 130 degrees.egre just hot cycle on your regularul laundry machine.achine >> okay.>> okay. >> you don't need to lock up your whole house for two weeksoo and move to your grandma's house, because that is not --t - it's not that bad.. that's a little bit of overkill. >> okay.>>y. let's talk about the other kidsd in the house and because as you said that's where quickly qck so if we treat johnny should wew treat jill the same time. time >> check jill for lice first and then go ahead and treat themahed because those t contacts are mum more likely to have it thanit ta even, say, the other children ie the that's the most important thingg to remember.emr. and then also do -- go ahead and look through your child's hair'i and come out the nitts.ut the n that is going to really reduce that burden of lice in the hair. >> it is a necessary evilessaryl something to talk about. thanks for being here talkingth about ab >> sure.ure. >> in terms of the nitts we also
8:54 am
terms of the mayonnaise and all of that. of i know allison you said it worked for you. for y. >> it did. ved>> so it soppro doesn't work for everybody.ry just remember one thing.e t try the over the counterer products a week apart and ifnd f that doesn't work, then go too your have your child see yourour pediatrician. >> or try the mayonnaise. (laughter).ter). >> maureen, back to t you >> thank you guys.nk great information there, dr. shilpi.. ilpi americans can't stop, won't stoo working that is. more than 40% of u.s. can workers didn't take a single day of vacation. 41% of employers will have somes staff workers while americans ai are working more they aren't tht most over work.ork turkey actually tops that list. mexico not far behind. bin us came in at number 16. happy labor day, everybody.vebo ♪ ♪ time now for facebook fan of the day. and today it is jeff and his >
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wife keva today is their seventh wedding anniversary. she wake up to fox5 every morning and erin is his saving s grace with her traffic reports.c for your chance to be tomorrow's fan leave a comment or photo below their beautiful happy anniversary to you two.ou. leave that our on fox fox5 facek page. pa beautiful comfortable. you've drummed up a beautiful day for them tucker.. >> gorgeous afternoon. afternoon the reason everybody is working because we need the msooneynbo.n that's why, maureen. right?t? >> 72 now in iasi winds north northwest at seven.v that combination very veryyery and it will be a nice afternoonn it will be beautiful afternoon little warmer than yesterdaytery upper 80s generally sunshine too start your day.. cloudiness associated withith hermine, hermine, continues tons be off to our east at theat the beaches. some of that sneaking close to the bay sne and we'll get get ar the bay into our region. regio partly sunny this afternoon,fter dry, upper 80s. u 8 quick look at the seven day.. heat is back. b going to keep it quiet because i don't know what to say the a
8:56 am
we've been doing it all sthumme. 90s around mid 90s thursday 49 9 day particularly look hot. more weather in just a moment. m doing last look the traffic witf erin. erin. ng i'm walking in right now,'m tucker. tu take a look at the cameras. cer guess what? i really like whata i'm seeing as you make your wayy out to the beaches or start yout labor day commute. 50 and and how about is wides wd open headin heading to the bay b bay bridge the best travel timet before 10:00 o'clock in the morning and afterbefore midnigh, otherwise i do anticipate lot oo daytime and errly afternoonftno congestion.coes folks head and to from the beaches watch for that. back to our maps. our m aside from that the beltway hash been dream all morning. 270 quiet.270 q 95 looking good. lng if you're headed out of town ono 95 southbound through virginia r dream there as well.m keep in mind in the district new york avenue on the outbound sidd remains shut down for an investigation person hit by aona car several hours ago.go between west virginia and and bladensburg.blensbur take rhode island get around aro that. inbound side of new york lookine really good right nwow y. 66 through arlington quiet labob day commute
8:57 am
now just keep in mind tomorrow o is all the kids head back toac t school and folks get on that ona normal september workingmbor schedule. we're going to be dealing with lot of extra volume around up to. th extra vly start on tuesday and enjoynue thisdsay quiet labd any questions about metro at at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. ttter back to you allison and maureen. good day a next. n we'll see you on the other sided of the break. ♪
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♪ straight ahead, hermine heri heads out to sea.ea but that doesn't mean the coasta is clear for the labor day holiday. a lifeguard is supposed tosd keep people safe. se but who was watching out foror her? we're live in alexandriari where neighbors are on edgedg after someone allegedly raped aa woman at a condo pool. and the beginning of the end end. we're just three weeks away froa the first presidential debateate and the two candidates couldn't have more different s we'll show you how each iss getting ready. and later, taking a stand by taking a knee. kne why u.s. soccer star says shes s supports colin kaepernick's national anthem protest and thee new proof she's not alone.. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ i like this song now, chris. >> we are laboring on this


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